The Next Step Staffing Inc.


Who Is "The Next Step"?

At "The Next Step Staffing Inc." Our number one goal in mind is to get our people to the right places by utilizing our resources and outreach into the community. We are able to open doors for people who haven't had much luck themselves, in turn, we provide numerous resources and connections to help our candidates in every aspect of their life, not just a job. Are you ready to take yourself to "The Next Step"?

The Owners

Timeka Washington, business owner and Fort Wayne resident. Timeka has numerous properties located from here down to Georgia. As an Entrepreneur, Timeka heard there was a strong need for people in our inner-city to get better paying jobs to support their families. Timeka did her research, and met with a highly known staffing agent here in our city. Kerri, who has been in the staffing agency for about 5 years, was born and raised right here in Fort Wayne, In. Kerri specializes in Client-Relations and Resume Building. Her constant outreach to the community gives her a higher-rate of success on Direct-Hires because clients trust and believe in the people she is sending regardless of their demographic background or criminal history. Once you allow us to help you on your journey, we make sure that The Next Step you take is one to Success!

How Do I Apply?

Hours of Operation are as follows

Monday - Friday

9:00AM- 4:00PM

Open Interviews Daily

Monday - Friday

10:00AM - 3:00PM